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Barbora Wouters

A Biographical Approach to Urban Communities from a Geoarchaeological Perspective: High-Definition Applications and Case Studies

Sauro Gelichi

Unconventional Places and Unconventional Biographies? Colonizing the Lagoon in the Middle Ages: The Case of Venice

Anna-Katharina Rieger

Short-Term Phenomena and Long-Lasting Places: The Altars of the Lares Augusti and the Compita in the Streets of Ancient Rome

Michael Blömer

Observations on Cities and their Biographies in Hellenistic North Syria

Achim Lichtenberger and Rubina Raja

Antioch on the Chrysorrhoas, Formerly Called Gerasa: Perspectives on Biographies of a Place

Rubina Raja and Søren M. Sindbæk

Urban Networks and High-Definition Narratives: Rethinking the Archaeology of Urbanism

Eivind Heldaas Seland

Climate Change in Urban Biographies: Stage, Event, Agent

Michael E. Smith

The Comparative Analysis of Early Cities and Urban Deposits

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