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Rubina Raja and Søren M. Sindbæk

Dark Sides of the City — Editorial

Justin Jennings, Stéphanie Frenette, Sheldon Harmacy, Patrick Keenan, Alannagh Maciw

Cities, Surplus, and the State: A Re-evaluation

Tom Brughmans, Tim Kinnaird, Søren M. Kristiansen, Achim Lichtenberger, Rubina Raja, Iza Romanowska, Eivind Heldaas Seland, Ian Simpson, David Stott

Urbanization and Riverine Hinterlands: A Proposal for an Integrative High-Definition and Multi-Scalar Approach to Understanding Ancient Cities and their Dynamic Natural Resources

Iza Romanowska, Joan Campmany Jiménez, Olympia Bobou, Rubina Raja

Evaluating the Environmental Kuznets Curves through Archaeological Data: A Conceptual and Theoretical Framework

Li Min

Ruins, Refugees, and Urban Abandonment in Bronze Age China

Print ISSN: 2736-2426 Online ISSN: 2736-2434

Nikoline Sauer

Urbanism in Archaic Rome: The Archaeological Evidence

J. W. Hanson

Cities, Information, and the Epigraphic Habit: Re-evaluating the Links between the Numbers of Inscriptions and the Sizes of Sites

Olympia Bobou, Rubina Raja, Iza Romanowska

Historical Trajectories of Palmyra’s Elites through the Lens of Archaeological Data

Birgit Maixner

Urban Market Production and Coastal Trade in the Early Viking Age: A Study of Eighth-Century ad Blue Period Millefiori Beads in Central and Northern Norway

Hagit Nol

Defining Cities and Non-Cities through Emic and Etic Perspectives: A Case Study from Israel/Palestine during Early Islam

Ben Jervis, Paweł Cembrzyński, Jeffrey Fleisher, Dries Tys, Stephanie Wynne-Jones

The Archaeology of Emptiness? Understanding Open Urban Spaces in the Medieval World

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