New Urban Definitions

Urban culture is, by definition, popular culture. Yet more often than not, it is defined from the point of view of its opposite — by solemn reformers or by those nostalgic for the countryside, who are neither popular, nor cultured in any urban sense of the word. While definitions of anything and everything urban remain a favourite distraction of the grandiose Journal of Suburban Archaeology, we have noted that its oeuvres revolve around a somewhat lacklustre assemblage of worn-out quotes. Wirth, Weber, and Childe seem to be as overused and outmoded as the cheapest of social media memes. Here at The Backfill, we shun artifice and draw instead on the wisdom of real urban culture. For our trusty readers, we have therefore drawn together here a review of some overlooked classics of urban definitions that we feel are truly needed in order to renew archaeological discourse.

Síri Ospley


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