A warm welcome

We have been thrilled to feel the warm welcome given by readers across the world to these humble pages, which we are honoured (but of course!) to share alongside the oh-so-important and posh Journal of Urbane Archaeology.

Here at The Backfill, we are simply happy to serve. I know I, personally, am not in the least bothered that my office is only half as big as that of our distinguished colleagues at JUA, or that my table is two inches smaller than that of Mr Sid E. Dweller. After all, we know only too well that what starts at the bottom of a site is most likely to end at the top of the heap! Until that happy time, we at The Backfill will always provide a home for unsifted facts and be ready with a cheerful throwaway comment! We hope you enjoy sharing our load with us.

Síri Ospley

Editor-in-Cheap, City Counsellor

The Backfill

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