Welcome Back!

I am immensely pleased to welcome new readers to this first edition of the journal, we have all been missing in the less-than-vibrant scene of archaeological publishing: A happy welcome to The Backfill.

A warm welcome also to our spin-off franchise, the Journal of Urban Archaeology. Some readers of The Backfill may find interest in this periodical, despite its less distinguished and inviting focus. I wish its editors all the best of luck, as I am sure they will need.

The Backfill is where stuff really gathers, and things come together in surprising ways. And, as we will see time and again, it is where we find the real gems of our work. You will find that we are not without a touch of humour. It is, after all, the little bright spots that make us stay in business. As I tell my students: No gag – no gig! Enjoy this first spread – it will soon pile up. We look forward to spoil our heaps of readers.

Síri Ospley

Editor-in-Cheap, City Counsellor

The Backfill

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A great day in the field in the company of James Mellaart and Hans Helbæk.

Poetry Corner

Nothing grounds the truth like good poetry. Here, compliments of the Backfill editors, (and with apologies to the Beatles) is a piece of ground-truthing truth-grounding, free to enjoy at your end-of-season party, at a barbecue with the research team, on a Friday night out, or to contemplate in a soul-searching moment alone.

The Dating Conundrum

Archaeological dating looks more and more like a trend to stay. Columnist and architraveller Sid E. Dwellers reviews the latest developments.