Character Sets the Ceiling

This edition marks the first anniversary of a journal that has changed the face of archaeological publishing! Readers across the world have cheered at our bold new periodical, and we are both proud and humble. But if by happy chance the success of The Backfill has also helped our urbane little sister, the Journal of Urban Archaeology (which we allow to share our cover) to achieve some small measure of recognition, we can only be happy. Family is everything, as we know, and The Backfill would be the last to snub a fellow journal so littered with scraps and loose ends. Success, as I have also learned, comes with responsibility, and I assume my new position of role model with great spirit. As regular readers will know, our former editorial office space left much to be desired, but I write this editorial for the first time from new and far more fitting facilities, having taken over the former office of my colleague, Mr Dweller. Two inches of desk space makes a real difference — but so, too, does the knowledge of having finally eschewed the glass ceiling. Yes, we prove once again that The Backfill is indeed the place to spread your talent.

Síri Ospley


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